VP of Sales

Job description

A bit about who we are:
We are Impraise, a team of international hackers, business hustlers and creative brains based in New York and Amsterdam. We are backed by some of industry's best investors and the world's most renown startup accelerator, Y Combinator. We are on a mission to change the way people collaborate at work and enable every company to create a high-performing and engaging work environments. We care about feedback, design and beautiful products. We are probably one of the most international startup teams of our size, 20+ nationalities. We really enjoy to work with ambitious people, value open communication across different cultures and learning from each other, both personally and professionally.

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A little more about what we do:
95% of the managers and employees hate their current annual performance appraisal process. 70% of the global enterprises indicated they want to switch system within the next 3 years. At Impraise we are redefining how people can learn quicker and workplaces become more engaging by enabling real-time feedback between co-workers. Impraise is a web-based and mobile solution for actionable, real-time feedback in the workplace. Often times, performance reviews are carried out once or twice a year, which doesn’t support employees’ continuous learning. Our clients such as Atlassian, Booking.com and Shopify want to build transparent work environments in which people can learn everyday and work better as a team.

Real-time feedback allows people to better analyze their strengths and opportunities, track their progress and pursue their personal and professional goals on a continual basis.

Your team’s challenge:
Your (inside sales) team currently exists of talented Account Executives, Business Development Reps and Sales Development Reps. They are growing the revenue of Impraise rapidly by closing deals with SME and mid-market enterprises that are aligned with our product vision. We are especially expanding rapidly in the United States and Europe.  

The challenge we would like you to solve in this role:
Your mission will be to build a repeatable sales model by designing sales processes, recruiting and training an effective and engaged sales team that will grow Impraise as a company and build sustainable relationships with new clients. You’ll carry the company's revenue goal and further expand our footprint in the market.

A bit about you
This role requires wise eyes, innovative brain and knowledge on how to scale and inspire. For that reason we think you should have very substantial experience in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, having worked during the growth phase of the business lifecycle of a startup, ideally during a hyper-growth stage of a software startup.

Importantly, you’ve a proven track record that you built, led and scaled at least one sales team from the initial few team members in the sales team to a larger sales force, implementing the foundation of the sales organization. With this sales team you scaled this business from the initial $1M annual recurring revenue to $5M+ by making the sales process repeatable. In this role you been a central part of a wider executive team within a business. We want to be able to learn from you on day one. This means you know how to - motivate, train, inspire, mentor sales team members - and also across and up - communicating the vision for sales to non-sales team members at all levels.

Ideally, you have a passion for B2B sales and gained experience in selling to SME and Mid-Market Enterprise clients with deal sizes between $10,000 - $200,000 per year. Sales leads, across the business, will in the future report to you and will need guidance, training, and feedback. You will need to have a deep connection to one or more sales communities in New York/San Francisco, from which you can draw inspiration, information, and hiring contacts.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you need to be in love with our mission to redefine how people learn and improve at work. This is very important. If you don’t connect with our product and plan, it’s not going to work.


What we expect you to do and be comfortable with from day one


Sales leadership

  • Define, implement and monitor company revenue targets, team and personal quotas for Account Executives, SDRs and BDRs
  • Work closely with the Chief Marketing together to define lead generation targets and tactics
  • Introduce tools, systems and process for improving our sales performance
  • Develop and improve our consultative, value-based sales process
  • Continuously re-evaluate and improve our sales tactics
  • Define and implement commission plans

Skills and training

  • Develop our internal sales skills development programme
  • Develop our sales ladder and internal mentoring and career development processes
  • Identify skill gaps and strengths and facilitate training and skill sharing
  • Train, guide, and hire sales leads across the team

Sales growth

  • Continuously improve our sales processes to make it repeatable
  • Work closely together with the Chief Marketing to increase lead generation and lead velocity
  • Support Account Executives in closing deals
  • Establish deals with key clients to reach your personal quota
  • Work closely together with Customer Success to make clients success and foster retention


  • Own the hiring pipeline and hiring process for sales roles
  • Develop sales testing processes applied throughout the interview process
  • Build up our employer brand in the sales community
  • Advocate for Impraise across the industry


What we expect you to do in 6 months

Within six months we expect that you’ve become a central member of the company. We expect you’ll be a respected member of the sales team, taking leadership of revenue growth and skills development. You have brought on the first couple of new sales team members. You increased revenue per lead. You have implemented and improved our sales processes and increased our overall revenue as well as effectiveness of sales team members significantly. We expect you’ll have become a powerful external advocate for the company and have supported the creation of a robust hiring pipeline. You’ll have defined a clear, compelling vision for the growth of our company in order to meet our commercial ambitions.


What we offer

  • A meaningful problem to solve that delivers true value for users
  • A mission driven team that aims to have a long lasting impact in the market
  • Be at the core of a scaling company and impactful product
  • Market competitive salary plus stock option plan
  • Work from our office in the center of New York