Talent Sourcer & HR Assistant

Job description

The challenge

Your mission is to put into place the processes needed to create a professional and inspiring recruitment experience. You are responsible for recruiting talented people with the ambition to be part of winning team, ready to tackle the company challenges ahead. By mid 2018, Impraise will have a strong employer brand under its target groups, allowing for smooth hiring of entrepreneurial and technical people who fit our company culture.

A bit about who we are
We are Impraise, a team of international hackers, business hustlers and creative brains based in New York and Amsterdam. We are backed by some of industry's best investors and the world's most renowned startup accelerator, Y Combinator. We change the way people collaborate at work by enabling every company to create high-performing and engaging work environments. Our mission is to empower people that empower people. We care about feedback, design and user-friendly products. With 20+ nationalities, we are probably one of the most international startup teams of our size. We really enjoy to work with ambitious people, value open communication across different cultures and learning from each other, both personally and professionally.

Check out our Culture Video to discover who we are.


A bit about you

This role requires an energetic and independent young professional with strong interpersonal and social skills. With no dedicated HR team at this stage, you will have to be very proactive in connecting the dots between the processes already in place and new processes needed to build a professional recruitment machine. Goal: increasing the quality and quantity of job candidates through specialized sourcing, community building and employer marketing. Your entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness to learn, motivates you to not only build the fundamentals, but to seek creative and innovative ways to continuously improve, staying one step ahead in a very competitive market, in which real talent is scarce. You know how to make the best people curious about a new job opportunity and you are persuasive in selling Impraise as a future employer. Applicants, whether they receive an offer or a turndown, should feel Impraise is a great company and spread positive stories about their interview experience. You uphold Impraise’ value to maximize open feedback and put this into action to create a full circle candidate experience that ends with valuable feedback. Candidate faced, you are the Impraise culture ambassador.

What we expect you to do and be comfortable with from day one

  • Jump on the train: put the current tools and identified sources to use to source and select talent for technical and other open positions.
  • Improve the basics: take what’s there and improve the sourcing processes to set up a smooth experience from start (sourcing) to finish (turndown/feedback or job offer/cultivation).
  • Reach your targets: fulfill the hiring need through a result-oriented approach and a transparent hiring dashboard (time to hire / cost per hire / quality per hire).
  • Monitor the hiring process and interviewers on quality and effectiveness.
  • Represent Impraise at meetups about related topics such as: HR, Tech, start-ups, performance management. In order to make Impraise know in different industries and to extend our network.
  • Manage HR operations for our team in Lisbon

What we expect you to do in 6 months

  • Develop channels for continuous candidate sourcing in both tech-related and business-related positions.
  • Develop strong messaging towards potential candidates
  • Build a candidate personas
  • Identify potential inbound and outbound recruitment opportunities
  • Build a network of resources, contacts and expert to reach out to
  • Employer branding: know where and how to find talent in the various target groups and build Impraise’ employer brand among talent in these groups.
  • Social Media Engagement

What we offer

  • Be part of building a winning team that delivers a meaningful product to thousands of people
  • Be part of putting your mark on our company culture
  • Be part of a driven team that works together to achieve its mission
  • Join us in our main office in the heart of Lisbon, spend time at our other offices in Amsterdam and New York City
  • Make use of our extensive benefits package, taking care of your physical and mental health as well as your professional development
  • Tap into the Y Combinator network to learn from the best, probably the most valuable network of tech startups in the world.