SCRUM Master

  • Engineering
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

SCRUM Master

Job description

A bit about who we are:
Hey, we’re Impraise, a growing Y Combinator backed startup with offices in two of the most beautiful city centers of the world, Amsterdam and New York.

We’re on a mission to abolish the painful yearly performance reviews and redefine them so people can use feedback to grow personally and professionally throughout the year. Your work will have a major impact on a huge amount of people working at some of the most high performance companies in the world.

Work is a huge part of people’s lives. At Impraise you’ll have the chance to work with a team of amazing people with a proven track record of delivering great products.

Check out our Culture Video to discover who we are.

A little more about what we do:
Our mission is to help people become successful in their professional life while building a company people love to work at. Think of it as becoming the fitness tracker of your professional life. We help our clients and users achieve a high performing work environment by:

→ Giving continuous insight into your performance;
→ Making it easy to collect feedback and make it insightful;
→ Offering coaching and guidance on the next steps in your career.

We’ve come a long way already and working together with some amazing clients like Atlassian, Shopify & We see a lot of exciting opportunities and challenges ahead.

Your team’s challenge:
You’ll be working with the development teams and Product Owner. They are currently on a mission to build a product that sets a new standard in the market with regard to the way people’s and organization’s handle performance management and personal development. The team aims to build a product that perfectly integrates with workflows of managers and employees. Some of the most innovative mid-size enterprises in the industry are using our product and the team focuses on building a product that scales with those clients as well meets the high standards of our end-users.

The challenge we would like you to solve in this role:
Your mission will be to bring structure and efficiency in the development team(s) by implementing and executing the scrum process. Beside fostering the scrum processes another part of your mission will be to become a trusted person for the development team(s) and support the Engineering lead to build and foster engaged and strong engineering teams.

A bit about you
This role requires a good sense of empathy, broad shoulders and a thick skin. For that reason we think you should have very substantial experience in the software industry, worked/implemented scrum processes and having worked in dynamic fast changing work environments. Ideally your background is somewhat technology related and you spend a good amount of your time working at startups. You have seen the growth stage of a software startup.

Importantly, you’ve led the scrum processes for at least one team. We want to be able to learn from you on day one with regard to scrum and efficiency of development processes. You are the unique combination of a real people’s person who naturally knows how to connect and motivate engineers and simultaneously are very disciplined, processes driven and comfortable running multiple projects at the same time.

You are comfortable working with different stakeholders among the Product Owner, Engineering lead and others up to C-level. You have a passion to build high-performing teams and currently experimenting how to improve productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. You know how to encourage a team to make a step extra in order to hit a milestone as well as protect them from external stakeholders and when to slow down. You are comfortable taking the role of a moderator in the team and confident enough to defend your opinion when you think you are on the right end. You are one of those people everyone trusts and gets energy from when working together.


What we expect you to do and be comfortable with from day one


Scrum process

  • Implement and facilitate the complete scrum process
  • Lead and facilitate scrum related meetings
  • Facilitate daily standups, continuously remove roadblocks and help to reach sprint goals
  • Addresses needs efficiently and effectively
  • Improve the consistency of sprint performance over time
  • Ensure a proper power balance between PO, Team and management

Support the product owner & stakeholders

  • Educate PO and other stakeholders regarding efficient development processes
  • Support PO to create small, well-defined stories and prioritise work carefully for teams
  • Encourages and helps to achieve transparency

Team development

  • Strive to develop a high performing team
  • Keep people accountable for performance throughout the sprint
  • Detects hidden problems and strives to solve them
  • Encourages and protects self-organization
  • Educates and focuses a Team toward business-driven development
  • Supports Team building and Team development by utilizing the abilities and skills of individuals, and fostering a Feedback culture
  • Helps Team to learn from its experiences

(Optional) Recruiting & Building the engineering team

  • Own the hiring process for new engineers
  • Proactively seek new engineering talent to join our team
  • Build together with other leads the hiring plans
  • Spread the word about Impraise within the Tech community in Amsterdam and beyond


What we expect you to do in 6 months
Within six months we expect that you’ve become a central member of the company - the go to person for scrum and engineering processes. We expect you’ll be a respected and trusted member of the engineering team(s), taking leadership of sprints. You’ve brought stability to the sprint processes and company-wide people have the understanding of the way we work with scrum. We expect you have increase the performance and engagement of the engineering team to drive higher sustainable performance. The team you are working with has become a strong united group of team members.


What we offer

  • A meaningful problem to solve that delivers true value for users
  • A mission driven team that aims to have a long lasting impact in the market
  • Be at the core of a scaling company and impactful product
  • Market competitive salary plus stock option plan
  • Work from our office in the center of Amsterdam
  • Lunch arranged at the office